- To make the world alone -
<1 development iGene>

Droplets trapped sea friends!
You've got to save
Spicy homemade thrilling one minute!
Zig-zag line for extra points Fang, Fang, V pangdeung
Contributed several motion Fang sea friends save!

> More interesting level-up system

Progress through the game by gaining experience to level up!
Even more bonus points by getting bigger!

Game more interesting items <
More sea friends to rescue
Five items that can help you pick the
! Could earn more score

Key Features
Game is to rescue Fang by dragging the same kind of one minute
Motion Fang Fang line, V Fang, Fang zigzag if you can get more points.
Higher scores can be obtained using the following items in the game after the game to get the pearl

Aenipang Candy Fang, puzzle shareholders Oceans Cow've also funny funny, but once Enjoy!

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