★ ★ New-concept puzzle. Octopia ★ ★

[Game introduction]
Octopia is a puzzle game which is enjoyed according to direction unlike existing color-match puzzles. It has a unique rule that players remove blocks by changing other blocks’ color, not by moving the location of blocks as well as the basic rule of removing blocks in the same color.
The game is composed of a mission mode where players should clear various missions and a time-attack mode where players can register ranking by attaining scores as many as possible within the limited time. And players can also enjoy the game more variously through sub-missions and achievement.

[Game’s characteristics]
- Everyone can play it easily as it is operated only with touch.
- Unlike existing 3-colored puzzles, Octopia is played based on the direction of blocks.
- The game provides two modes including a mission mode and a time-attack mode.
- Players can enjoy the game more variously through various sub-missions and achievement.

[Mode description]
1) This is a mode where players complete and clear given missions within the limited time.
2) This is a mode where players achieve high scores using time blocks and sub-missions within assigned time and register ranking.

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