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Solve more incredibly stupid puzzles with Trollface as your spirit guide

  • Troll your (gullible) friends
  • No false advertising here
  • Amount of giggity exceeds itself
  • Really and truly pointless

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"More Problem?"

If you loved Trollface Quest, then by golly you're just going to go bananas over GDWJ's Trollface Quest 2. Get ready for more really stupid puzzles to mess with your friends, or yourself if you like auto-pranking.

Make your way through 20 pointless puzzles accompanied by serious amounts of giggity-giggity. One example of what to expect from these 20 games of "skill": a drinking game wherein you take two sips without incident, but the third sip kills you dead. Instead of sipping, you must select the correct bottle from the floor, but if you pick the wrong booze, you also die. Graphics are marginally better than in the first iteration.

GDWJ's Trollface Quest 2 is an excellent choice for your grandmother for Christmas.

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