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Draw the figure with only one touch... and get used to the new rules

  • Perfect graphics
  • Excellent gameplay
  • All ages
  • Nothing original

"One Touch Puzzle"

One Touch Crayon Drawing is a classic puzzle game in which you need to draw the given figure without lifting the finger from the screen, everything in one touch, connecting all the dots and not passing over the same line more than once.

There are two game modes: Arcade, with levels that grow in difficulty and add new rules as lines that must be passed twice (green ones) and one directional lines (purple arrows), and also Survival, which puts your speed and concentration skills.

The controls are simple to learn and are shown once you first play the game: drag your finger over the lines, as simply as that. You can use hints if you're stuck and it will show you the starting point. Also, take into account that red dots will make you move to the next one.

What we like about this classic game are its graphics: doodle like, perfect for kids and really engaging, making it a great designed-app for all ages. TACOTY GAME is the developer of One Touch Crayon Drawing, a challenging puzzle where the most important thing is to think before acting.

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