Orange Ball : Labyrinth



Best app market ( award winning game!

The hardest labyrinth-style game in the world :), based on real physics. 60+ levels for free!

Do you like apples and oranges? So, this game is for you!
Eat all 'apples' (collect red balls) and then eat 'orange', avoid walls with red borders and don't forget about rounded walls - they have a gravity...
Walls and rounded walls (circles) with RED borders are danger.
The ball is controlled by tilting your device slightly

Good game to train your mental skills, coordination, reflexes and persistence.

if you don't want to play hard, at all don't download this game!

#Online Ranking#:
With player result online ranking integration you can competing with your friends or another players of rest of the world to show who have the most good skills; reflexes and persistence!

To send your score: Menu->Settings->Send Online Score.
To view player scores:Menu->Settings->View Online Score.

Complete some challenge missions to collect reputation stars.

Any ideas? Bug report? Feel free to contact us:

More levels are coming later!

Use menu to navigate (previous, restart, next) in the game.

Move the ball through labyrinth with your accelerometer.

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