OXO Lite: Tic Tac Toe Extreme



OXO is similar to the Tic Tac Toe game you loved as a child, but a bit more challenging and now available wherever you go with the mobile app.

If you’re a fan of challenging casual puzzle games such as sudoku, crossword puzzles, jumble, dots – OXO is the game for you!

Don’t be fooled by its simplicity, OXO requires quick strategy to win-make sure you don’t leave an opportunity for your opponent to get the ‘OXO’ before you! The goal is to fill the board, beating your opponent in the most ‘O-X-O’ wins- right to left, up, down, across- keeps you on your ‘toes’! Also, play the game with a friend in turn-by-turn game mode.

An ads-free version is available if you upgrade to OXO
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