Pairs is an Android adaptation of the well-known game Concentration. Memorize as many pairs of cards as you can while the cards are face up, since as soon as the cards are flipped over, you will have to look for the pairs within the available time. Furthermore, complete all the achievements proposed in the game and unlock a new difficulty level. Suitable for both adults and kids.

Main Features

- It includes 5 different sets of images, all of them very recommendable for kids (see game snapshots).
- It has 3 difficulty levels: difficult, normal and easy.
- It is integrated with the Scoreloop platform, which offers world-wide score management as well as management of personal achievements.
- If you complete all the achievements proposed in the game, you will unlock a new difficulty level.
- The current game can be saved and resumed later on.
- It can be played in both English and Spanish.
- The graphical interface is simple, clean and easy to use. Besides, the game includes very complete rules about how to play.

How to play

At the beginning of each level, 8 pairs of matching cards are randomly placed in a 4x4 grid. For a few seconds, the cards are laid face up so that you can memorize as many pairs as possible. Then, all the cards are laid face down and your mission starts: pair up all the matching cards within the available time.

The mechanics of the game are very simple:

  - Click on an unpaired card to flip it over.
  - If you flip over two cards and they match, they become paired and are left face up.
  - If you flip over two cards and they don't match, they are turned back face down.

If you pair up all the cards in a level within the available time, the level is cleared and a new one is started. Note that as you go up levels, the time to memorize cards and to pair them up decreases.

Which level will you be able to reach?


Some key words: pair up, match up, memory, pelmanism

Tags: juego de cartas de las parejas