Pandora's box



Ever since Prometheus gave mankind from heaven Pirates of fire, humans

learned to use fire. But the highest rule of Zeus is very angry, Zeus decided

to let catastrophe befall human.

Zeus finally thought of a nefarious conspiracy. He will inject some of the

negative elements of the "anger", "mediocre" and "cowardly" and "arrogant",

"inferiority complex", "lazy" to a treasure box, and it gave Pandora allowed

into the human infection humans.

In order to save the fate of mankind, the goddess of wisdom, Athena quietly

"hope" it in the bottom of the box. Now treasures is undergoing a major war.

On behalf of "hope" to overcome all the negative elements.

The rules:Element between opposites attract, same-sex repulsion, large people

can eat small volume,Element be eaten will get the score, the greater the

volume score more.Each element is eaten after scored differently (score =

volume * Basic scoring, specific scoring please refer More Help)Element

mobile needs to deduct the action force, the larger the need for action and


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