PathPix's review


PathPix is an extremely original and brain-racking puzzle game

  • Original gameplay
  • Increasing complexity
  • Hidden pictures and quotes
  • Up to 169 levels
  • Tutorial should be enhanced

"The key is in your mind"

If you're sick of playing always the same kind of puzzle games is because your brain has no limits. If that's the case, you're going to love PathPix. A extremely challenging puzzle game in which players have to unveil a picture hidden behind and unsolved puzzle. In order to achieve it, players must draw lines on a grid board connecting pairs of numbers but (this is the its keystone) just using the amount of cells that the number specifies.

In other words, if you want to connect a six with its pair (another six) you'll have to draw a path of six cells length between them. Same procedure for any number. These lines will reveal a hidden picture that will be fully shown when the puzzle is complete as well as a related quote.

There are up to 9 puzzles in this free version, each more complex than the previous. This increasing complexity will drive you mad. I bet you get the full version if you successfully beat all levels in this lite version. Bear in mind that it comes with up to 169 challenging puzzles.

In a few words, an original, highly challenging and brain-blowing puzzle game.

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