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personal Maths Trainer - The Personal Trainer (pro) for Your Brain.this for your Brain Workout and its called super
Math Workout

By using Math Fun pro regularly, you can improve your mental arithmetic skills great fun and good workout too . Just a few minutes a day will keep your brain young and sharp . And it‘s fun too! Fun Math Attack Trainer Pro with three levels of difficulty offers a great way for all ages to improve on their basic Mathematical skills

Fun Math Fun offers three disciplines:

- Simple exercises its Easy mode .
- Hard Mode have different set of example .

FEATURE SUMMARY of Super Math Attack

- Multiple choices
- choices settings include max. number range from 20 - 100 and choice of operators
- Score details include errors and time
- Performance over time displayed
- 3 different types of exercises, so you don‘t get bored
- Learning mathematics has never been so easy
- Equation have three level of set 20 ,50 , 100.
- best math training tool for kids
- works like pro math training tool
- You can view your highest score and challenge yourself to beat it.


1. Educational + Enjoyable
- Help your kids learn multiplication with game.
- Enjoy with all your family.

2. It's Game Center!
- Check your rank in the Leaderboard.
- Collect all the achievements if you can.

3. Practice Mode
- Practice multiplication step by step.
- Choose which numbers you want to practice.

Score Formula:
- SCORE = [remained time] x 10 + [answer] * [perfect runs consecutively]
- Keep 'Perfect' without breaking, then SCORE will increases dramatically.

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