Pocket Rummi



Pocket Rummi allows you to play Rummikub ® against family and friends on Android phones, tablets or other compatible touch devices.

Pocket Rummi can be played over a wireless network (wifi) using separate devices or on a single shared device.

Play this popular board game with up to 4 friends or family, or even just practice against yourself to fine tune your skills.

Mutliplayer over a Wifi (LAN) network using separate tablets, phones or other touch devices
Play with 2-4 Human players on same tablet, phone or other touch device
Time limit options of None, 1, 2 or 5 minutes depending on how you like to play.
Undo function for moves made during your turn
Sort function to arrange your tiles for you
Game automatically suspends/pauses when inactive or interrupted
Intuitive highlighting of modified tile rows to indicate valid and invalid tile combinations
Small tile mode - smaller tiles to fit more on screen at once
28 Tile Start mode - all players can start with 28 tiles instead of 14, good for quicker games
In game option to rate the Pocket Rummi app

Based on the official Rummikub ® game rules. Rummikub ® is a Registered Trade Mark of Hertzano Israel.

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