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    Popar® World Map: Wonders & Landmarks of the World is an interactive Augmented Reality learning experience that allows you to explore the world and 100’s of its famous landmarks; various animals, birds, and fish; different cultural traditions; and all the wonders of the world both man-made and natural from the past and present!

    - Explore and learn about the wonders of the world in this new and exciting interactive experience that’s filled with hundreds of fun and fascinating facts about all the different cultures, animals, landmarks, and wonders from around the world!
    - Hundreds of interactive icons that allow the user to dive deeper into the experience with stunning 3D models; in-depth educational and intriguing read-alongs; and amazing video footage!
    - The fun and exciting virtual reality mode allows users to see the world around them in 360°!
    - Ever see a rhino running down your street? Have endless amounts of fun taking photos of you and your friends with our 3D Models. One-click save & share to function.
    - Catch Me If You Can is the newest game from Popar® Toys that allows players to jump into the shoes of a world renowned detective who hunts down international criminal and thief, Ivanna B. Bad. Catch Me If You Can allows for an endless amount of fun and engaging game play.
    - Features both Augmented Reality and an unlockable digital format for viewing content.
    - Take the info on the go using the digital chart.
    - Laser pointing targeting system that makes for easy point and select navigation.
    - Filled with simple, easy to use, one-touch controls!
    - Appeals to kinesthetic, auditory, and visual learners.
    - Stimulates cognitive development.
    - Conveys spatial and temporal concepts with ease.
    The World Map: Wonders of the World Chart is an amazing new product from Popar® Toys! Whether you’re in Explore Mode or Virtual Reality Mode, this engaging experience will have you coming back time and time again! The Catch Me If You Can Game allows players to take on the role of a detective, who gets to travel the world chasing international criminal Ivanna B. Bad. This is just another extraordinary way players get to interact, explore, and learn about all the wonders of the world!
    What are Popar® Toys?
    Popar® Toys uses Augmented Reality (AR) to create an immersive 3D playing experience that will allow the user to see their chart come alive with incredible virtually “real” 3D objects, animations, and interactions. Popar® Toys are designed to change the way we interact and experience stories, adventures, and learning.

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