Pumpkin Squish



★ Squish the Pumpkin !!
★ Splat the Pumpkin Juice everywhere !!
★ 5 Different Colors Animated Pumpkins !!
★ 19 beautifully designed levels !!
★ 2D Based Amazing Graphics !!
★ Super easy to Squish the Pumpkin, just use one finger !!
★ One Annoying Raven
★ Pick-up-and-play, no complicated rules to learn!
★ Download it while its free and have fun now !!

★★★★★ “Enjoyed it full”
★★★★★ “Nice graphics work, Fun to Play”
★★★★★ “Good game...”

Pumpkin Squish is a simple puzzle game that is easy to learn & quick to play, yet will challenge both your brain & reflexes!
Tap Pumpkins to make them explode, Think how to explode them all in as less taps as possible

Its easy to play, has Simple controls and best of all, its FREE. All you have to do is tap and thats it.
Its seems easy, feel easy, looks easy but believe me its not. You gotta play to find out. Pumpkin Squish has awesome, attractive and bright graphics to constantly keep you in gaming mood.
Theres more than one way to solve puzzles. Similar in Style to Exploding Box, its a best time killer when you have few minutes to kill in train or waiting for a bus.


The main objective of the game is to Squish all the Pumpkin from the screen. You have to see the number of counts on the top right hand side corner to determine the number of Taps you have. According to the number of Taps, calculate and then just tap the Pumpkin to Squish it and thats it. Some Pumpkins take more than one Tap. So see, Learn and then just enjoy.
More Levels Coming Soon

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Happy Gaming :)

- More Levels
- Achievments
- Stars and Scoring

This Game runs on ARMv7 CPU Architecture. So if you are running older device then this game wont run and we are sorry for that.

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