"3-dimensional" PUYO-PUYO (also known as PUYO-POP)

    3D Chains!
    Exciting Voice!
    Customizable Config / Game Setting!

    【What is PuyoPuyo?】
    Puyopuyo is a series of tile-matching video games created by Compile.
    Now it is released by Sonic Team. Rule is described in the rule paragraph.

    【Require Spec】
    The number coloring pink displays FPS. 30 or more FPS is desirable.

    Rule is same as Puyo-Puyo except the 3D field.
    *After a tumo has landed, next tumo comes.
    *Game over when tumo has landed in a prohibited position (marked in Cyan.)
    *Disappear blocks when connecting 4 or more blocks.
    *Drop a block when its bellow block disappears.

    【Operation Chips】
    ・Tap move controller or score board and start the game.
    ・ Drag and change the point of view.
    ・ Long Tap a camera button and save your favorite point of view.
    ・ Tap a camera button and load a saved viewpoint.
    ・ Move Controller
    ・・ Blue circle: Only "Boost"
    ・・ Magenta circle: "Move" + "Boost"
    ・・ Other: Only "Move"
    ・・ Double Tap in blue circle: "Hard Drop"

    【Record of Your Game】
    You can save your play record and replay it. You send the file to your friends and
    they replay your play in their own device.

    【Coming Soon】
    Following Function is coming soon.
    ・Nazo Puyo (Puyo Problem)
    ?Play with CPU
    #Play with friends

    【About Ad】
    Ad uses Network.
    You can continue playing by skipping or clicking an ad.

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