Puzzler Super Sudoku - 1



Quality Sudoku puzzles!

Packaged in one easy purchase! A great range of quality Sudoku puzzles from your favourite puzzle
publisher to tease the novice through to the hard core Sudoku enthusiast, with 665 Sudoku puzzles
of various levels packaged in one easy to purchase Sudoku app!

From the creators of Puzzler World, the best-selling puzzle compilation app, you can be sure of great
quality puzzles, packaged in one single volume, with fantastic features, including:

• Wide selection of Sudoku puzzles for the novice through to the hard core Sudoku fan
• Intuitive pen to pencil mode and vice versa, all at the touch of one finger!
• Unlimited hints to help you on those trickier Sudoku grids
• Very easy to Hard levels
• Help to identify duplicated numbers in a row, column, and/or block
• Easy to manage puzzles, with clear identification of completed, or part completed puzzles
• Great value for money!
• Quality Sudoku puzzles from the UK’s most respected puzzle publisher
• Save any puzzle in any state to allow completion at your convenience

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email us: puzzler.singles@puzzlerdigital.com or visit www.puzzler.com

We have a range of puzzle apps to meet all puzzling levels and interest, from causal formats such as
Puzzler World 2, suitable for the whole family, through to Crossword, Codewords, Kriss Kross and
Wordsearch apps.

Puzzler the home of a good puzzle!

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