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Group Pyracubes together to win. Sounds easy, except these blocks lock together when they touch, keeping things nice and tricky!

Deep within Mobib's pyramid, hundreds of ancient Pyracubes spark with malevolent energy. Mobib has harnessed this energy to turn our beloved leader King Theban into a lowly beetle. Help Theban in his quest through the catacombs. Group the Pyracubes together to use their own energy against them.

Pyracubes is a puzzle game in which you move Pyracubes around levels forming groups of the same type. Sounds easy, but as soon as two similar Pyracubes touch they lock together forming larger shapes, making them harder to move around. Luckily there's an undo function making it possible to try out different strategies!

- Harness the power of the Pyracubes.
- 50 challenging levels included for free.
- Tame the Pyracubes using ancient Talismans.
- Includes a full set of tutorial levels.
- Two extended level packs available.

If you enjoy the free levels, please consider purchasing a level pack for more advanced levels. Purchasing any level pack also removes the 'Try This Game' screen between levels. Thank you!

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