Pyramaze 3D Maze



Explore your way though these multilevel 3D mazes, set within the confines of the pyramids of Egypt. Find lost treasures needed to open the doors to the next level down. The mazes get more complex with each level. After making your way through all levels, you reach the grand chamber at the bottom of the maze.

Your position in the maze is saved between plays so you can work your way through the pyramid as long as it takes. And, for each new play, the maze is randomly generated, so it is never exactly the same twice.

Three mazes are provided with increasing difficulty:
- Mykerinos - a 5 level maze
- Chephren - a 7 level maze
- Cheops - a 9 level maze

- Stereoscopic mode (requires a 3D or red/cyan glasses)
- Various controller options (see settings)
- Power saver mode (reduces screen refresh)

Tags: 3d beta , pyramaze

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