Quantum Tic Tac Toe




    Good old Tic Tac Toe now improved with principles from quantum physics.

    The rules:

    1. Players take turns making quantum moves. A quantum move consists of two small marks placed in different squares.

    2. When two or more quantum moves share a square they are entangled.

    3. When there is a path from a square back to itself through entanglements quantum moves will have to collapse into classical moves. The Player that did not create the cyclic entanglement can choose how the collapse will occur.

    4. The first player who gets 3 classical moves in a row (or diagonal) wins. If there are multiple 3-rows, the earliest in time gets a full point, later ones get half a point. A 3-row is earlier in time if its largest numbered mark is lower than the other 3-row's.

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    Currently only a two-player mode is supported; AI for single-player coming in future versions.

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