Queen's Escape



Queen's escape is a pack of 3 addictive and very challenging puzzles.Lady luck is what one requires in life to get through all difficulties .Have you got enough of it , to get your queen out from puzzled traps of Mighty King and his Cunning Jack.Give it a shot before arriving to any conclusion.
3 Ways but one objective i.e Get your beautifully trapped Queen out.

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Queens escape is packed with 3 modes viz,
1D - Play classic unblocking game of moving your Queens block out by sliding Kings and Jacks blocks. Its 1D and so every block moves in only one direction.
2D - Now you know the drill , get your Queen's block out by sliding other blocks in the similar fashion as instructed above.But remember its 2D and so every block moves in only two directions.
3D - Get your Queen out by rolling the block to the hole..
:- Three different games
:- Three difficulty modes in every game
:- Total 1700 levels
:- Tutorial in first level of every game.

Tags: unblock them all , unblock them game

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