Qwi Pro



Inspired by Qwirkle®, Qwi is a fun and addictive board game for Android!
The rules are so easy they can be quickly learnt by try and error: there are a number of tiles. Some share color and some share shape. Create lines of tiles which share only one of the two to score!
A smart AI competes against you. You can choose the difficulty level.

Some classic games like Catan, Carcassonne, Risk, Dominion, or Monopoly are really fun to play. However, they require you to learn a whole lot of rules.

Even in simpler tile placing games like Qwirkle or Scrabble, a lot of time is spent to find a valid place for a particular tile that we have in hand and it is not always easy to calculate the score. This game offers visual hint for where it is possible to place each tile and shows the score you would get from the move right away as a hit.

Best game for both Kids, and Adults.

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