Real Chess Clock




    This is the best App for android in its kind because it offers three different appearances based on your preferences: original chess clock, analog and digital.

    Use it in your games, with this app you can limit the time spent in each player’s move, count the total amount of moves and display the player’s name.

    You can find different time modes to play with this app, such as select between Fischer, Bronstein and Simple delay, Sudden Death, Byo-yomi, Canadian and Scrabble with an option to show the penalty after the time ends.

    You will find configurable vibration and sounds effects for the clock timer, ticking, click, end of game and end of delays.

    And the best is that you can download this application for free in this app store.

    This is a customizable application that you can download for FREE in this app store.


    • Three different clock types: Simple, Analog and Digital.
    • Many time modes: Sudden Death, Scrabble, Simple Delay, Fischer, Bronstein, Canadian and Byo-yomi 秒読み.
    • Configurable sound effects and vibration.
    • Intuitive and easy to use menus.
    • Display names and move count.
    • Optimized for Xperia Play, press the L, R buttons to play.

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