Real Racing Trucks



Do you love trucks?

Or do you love to see them race?

Or have you ever wondered how they raced?

This game is definitely for you!

This game consists of a lot of truck racing videos on youtube so you can pump your adrenaline engines and be excited about how they complete each lap at the fastest time.

Learn a lot about the engine of a truck and how they work with countless of youtube videos that are available at your fingertips.

You also get to play a lot of truck games such as ,

Puzzle: Solve 6 different types of truck puzzles where oyu only get to move 1 puzzle piece at one time.

Block game: In this game you get to move, relocate, rotate to where you want all the blocks to be placed at. All the blocks need to be on top or beside one another and there should not be any spaces between them

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