Reiner Knizia's Labyrinth




    Labyrinth is the latest addictive puzzle from the legendary game designer, Dr. Reiner Knizia. You take the role of a hero venturing deep into the earth in search of unknown treasures. Along the way you must face both danger and opportunity.

    Can you find the way through the labyrinth to the hidden riches deep inside the mountain? Will you be able to defeat the dragons guarding the treasure?

    The game mechanics are very simple, but incredibly addictive. You build a labyrinth by dragging tiles into a 4x4 grid and rotating them into place. Your objectives while building the labyrinth are:

    1. Get through the labyrinth to the upper side
    2. Avoid the monsters
    3. Collect swords that let you deal with the monsters
    4. Collect treasures on the way

    The game is divided into 3 scenarios. You start off in the Hedge Maze, with the basic game as described above. When you have completed all levels of the Hedge Maze, you proceed into the Castle Ruins. This scenario is haunted by ghosts who randomly block tiles and make it harder for you to find your way out. The third scenario is in the Dungeons, and really quite hard to get through.

    We apologize in advance for wasting hours of your life, stuck in a digital labyrinth.

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