Road Signs for Gray Matter



Road Signs for Gray Matter is specially designed game to improve your mind capabilities by making you remember location of road sign in matrix of cards...

Many of us would have given road sign test in order to pass for driving license. In such tests we learn meaning of traffic signs, but this game is not about that... Road Signs for Gray Matter is about developing your memory sharpness by asking you to do solid observation of signs available in matrix. These cards have all signs repeated one time, so when you open a sign, you need to match that by opening only such time in next click, If you can successfully open same sign in two successive clicks - those cards vanish and you get points. This way you build up score and score depends on how much time you take to recognize location of road signs. Faster you do, more points you get. So get ready now... because driving signs are waiting for you :-) Jump in...


★ 16 Fun Packed Levels
★ Awesome Graphics
★ Soothing Audio FX
★ Cards Matching Animations
★ Game Play to Improve Mind Fitness


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