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It’s a very easy, so simple and funny puzzle game.
Are you ready to work at a convenience store?
Now, let's challenge the sales goal!

① Find that two or more blocks are matched.
② Select the matched blocks by tapping.
③ Tapping once more, remove the matched blocks! Wow!
④ After clearing blocks, products are sold, and you get the money.

< TIP >
▶ Achieve your sales goals within a limited time!
▶ Make matching a lot of blocks, and remove all at once! And then big score!
▶ You will get a perfect bonus if you eliminate all the blocks without any block. Good luck!

● Hammer : Hammer can break one block that you choose.
Clearing the 15 blocks at a time, you can get one hammer item.
● Power Girl : This girl vacuums strongly and clears many blocks.
● Rainbow Star : The block type will be changed by tapping .
● Rainbow Hand : Blocks surrounding a hand will be transformed into a same type.
● Clock : Lack of a running time? You can purchase a clock using a coin.
College freshman, Alice has a long wish list!
Enjoy a part-time job!
Let's fulfill her wish list! GOGO!!!

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