Scorpio 10:A Hack Puzzle Story



"Everything began as a game.. now I'm facing Scorpio"

¿Are you ready to fight against the world's most powerful company?

Scorpio 10 offers you to get in place of Jason, fighting against the powerful Scorpio to find his girlfriend, Ellen. However, to fin in its server you will have to act as a "hacker" and surpass the firewalls of the company. You will have only ten seconds to win each level. Are you ready?

Scorpio 10 is a challenging puzzle game where you must get that all blocks be of the same color . Every two seconds everything changes of color, except those that you previously you have selected.

- Fast-paced levels to beat in 10 seconds, test your reaction.
- 20 Chapters with 9 parts each one: 180 levels!
- Multitouch support.
- A thrilling story with two possible endings.

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