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Scrabble Aid is an app that will help you become a better Scrabble™ player. It will check to be sure a word is in its scrabble dictionary, and it will find the anagrams for available Board and Bar letters. it sorts its results by word score and length, although it does not account for double and triple squares.

This app has a very simple and intuitive interface. It even allows you to cancel its anagram search function, which can take a minute or two.

Scrabble Aid opens to the main "search & find" page.

* In the top section on the main page, tap in the edit box adjacent to the Find button. The keypad will open (Hint: you can enter words and letters using Android's Voice Recognition interface). Enter a word and press Find. A dialog will show confirming "Found" or "Not Found".
* Add the letters from your Bar and the playable letters from the Board into the two edit boxes in the middle section. Use the question mark, "?", character in the bar letters to represent the wildcard game-piece. The anagram search result will contain one of the letters from the list of Board letters. In addition, as many Bar letters as possible are used to complete the anagram. Press Search. A dialog with a progress bar and a cancel button will appear. Press the Cancel button to stop the search.
* When the search completes, you are taken to the Results page and shown a list of the anagrams found, with their word scores. Tap one of the words to select it, or perform a long click to open the Result Actions dialog.
* You will be brought back to the main page and the selected word is shown in the bottom section. Clicking Last Results will bring you back to the Results page.

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Scrabble™ is a registered trademark owned in the United States and Canada by Hasbro, Inc., and in Great Britain and everywhere else in the world, by J.W. Spear & Sons PLC, a subsidiary of Mattel.

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