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Scribblenauts Remix's review

by Peter Warrior

A free sandbox game

  • Original, creative, surprising.
  • Suited for all ages
  • Additional optional in-app purchases
  • We are able to dream much further, updates urged

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"So on the seventh day he rested"

It might happen that everybody is talking about Scribblenauts at the moment you're reading this review, and it's most likely that no one has fully explained exactly what it is or how does it work. In order to do so, we should start by telling you that it's a sort of sandbox game, in which you can "invoke" anything that comes to your mind but you haven't any control about how these invoked characters or items interact with each other. For example, you can call a lioness and a lamb, but it'll be the AI who decides who eats whom. Likewise, you can summon a woodcutter, but perhaps he won't chop that tree down till you fetch an axe for him.

In a few words, Scribblenauts is a wonderful, smart and somehow magic game, able to test your intelligence and creativity at once. There are umpteen solutions for every stage, some of them pretty surprising (yes, you can hit the pinata with a katana). As a side effect, those who aren't English native speakers will find this game a brilliant exercise to learn new vocabulary, though they might use hints more often (tires, folks, the word you were looking for was tires, not wheels)

Five out of five for a game that seems unending. And if you ever finish the campaign mode, don't forget to toy with your imagination in the 'free' mode.

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