Shadow Maze Puzzle

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    Can you find your way in the dark? Guide a cannonball through a maze to complete this simple puzzle. Instead of seeing the whole maze, you can only see a small circle around your cannonball. Tilt the screen to move around the maze, find your way to the cannon. Items are scattered around to help you. Customize your own difficulty, and pick from a variety of gameplay modes!


    Shadow Maze: The default game. Use items to help you find your way.
    Explorer: More casual gameplay. Anywhere you’ve visited stays visible.
    Daytime Stroll: No shadows! Use this to regain your sanity for the harder modes.
    Midnight Rush: For hardcore players. Nothing to help you except your own memory.

    This is our debut game at GummiMagic.
    Feel free to email us with any questions or concerns!

    Keywords: addictive, tilt, puzzle, maze, game, accelerometer, dynamic, free

    Tags: puzzle find the way