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ShapeShifter is a a fusion of Tetris and Tangram. Similar to Tetris, ShapeShifter is a block fitting puzzle where you have to fit blocks onto a board, a bit like Tangram but with square shaped blocks. The blocks aren't just limited to the set of Tetris shapes and range from polyominoes ranging in size from one to seven, to more complex shapes. They can be rotated, flung and flipped to get them to fit just like real 3-d shapes. There are a range of different boards from novelty boards through to truly massive boards although there a restricted set of boards available in the free game.

- Easy-to-use block control via touch-screen gestures: fling, rotate & flip them.
- Range of boards available from small easy games through to massive games with hundreds of shapes.
- Hundreds of puzzles to solve, from those with a single solution to those with thousands of possibilities.
- Soothing display effects when you complete a board
- Multiple stylish colour schemes available.
- Solutions available (full game only), although not all the boards come with solutions since some have a very large number of possible solutions.
- Solutions hints if you get stuck (full game only).


If you're interested in translating the game text to your own language then please email the developer.

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