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Shapetrix is a shape-based Tetris-like game

  • Entertaining
  • Leaderboards
  • Tutorial
  • Addictive
  • Background music
  • Graphics
  • Only one game mode
  • There's no Lite/Demo version

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"As shapes fall down..."

Tetris is one of the most-played game ever. Its block-matching gameplay is entertaining per se. However, lots of alternative gameplays have come out, especially on mobile gaming. Shapetrix is one of them which introduces shapes-matching and spelling on the classic block falling game.

Thus, in Shapetrix you start with some shaped-blocks in the field. As blocks fall down, you must try to match the shape displayed on the block with the one on the field (if there's one). To achieve it, you will have to swap stacks of blocks using the sliders at the bottom. If the shape of the falling block match the one in the field it falls over, then both and cleared and the player receive points. If they don't match, then that block is added to player's stack.

Besides swaping stacks, you can also tap the falling block to make it drop faster. Finally, if you manage to spell the name of the game "Shapetrix" with blocks, you will clear the level getting points batch.

Compete with your friends on the leaderboards or post your personal best on Facebook/Twitter timeline. Show off how good you are shapetrixing!

Shapetrix is set in retro-style graphics that won't amaze the more demanding on the visuals side. However, there's not too much to do regarding graphics on a sideview, tetris-like game. On the contrary, sounds and background music is good and touchcreen response is good as expected.

I'm just missing different difficulty levels and more game modes. That would enhance playability and engagement. But, overall, a good game.

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by Manu , Appszoom

Jul 12, 2013

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