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Shark Trivia

Don't forget! Shark Week, the Discovery Channel's week-long television special dedicated to sharks, only comes but once a year! You have until the summer of 2013 to prepare for the 26th annual Shark Week!

Shark Trivia tests how much you know about sharks, and compares your knowledge with your friends' knowledge! Play either "Trivia Challenge" or "Practice/Team Mode" to show off your shark skills.

In "Trivia Challenge" you have 60 seconds to answer as many shark related questions as possible. The more you answer correctly, the more points you earn. Tread slowly, since incorrect answers subtract points from your score! At the end of each round, your earned points turn into shark teeth, which can be traded for power-ups. Use these power-ups to help you achieve an even higher score. Brag to your friends by publishing your score on Facebook.

If you simply want to brush up on your shark facts, or play a game with a group of friends, play "Practice/Team Mode." This mode is designed for 1-4 teams. If 2 or more teams are playing, simply pass the phone or tablet back and forth between teams. SharkTrivia keeps track of how many questions each team has answered correctly, so you can see which team knows more shark facts.

Both modes have questions at every difficulty, and can come from facts of science or pop culture. Here are a few examples of questions:

What is the name of the Discovery Channel's week-long television program that is dedicated to sharks?
Shark City
All Sharks, All Week
Shark Week
Shark Days

What is the largest known prehistoric shark?
Great White Shark
Tyranosharkus Rex
Giant Shark

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