Shijin Reversi



Shijin Reversi (also known as Othello) allows you to play up to 4 players in this revisited classic game.

Great for playing against challenging AI or with your family on your phone or tablet.

Featuring :

- 2 to 4 players, AI or Humans.
- 2 game modes:
- Classic:
Be the one with the more discs at the end of the game.
- Reverse:
Change completely the way you think about Reversi, by trying to have the less discs at the end!
- 5 AI difficulty levels, plus hints.
- Legal move display ( can be deactivated in the options )
- Beautiful graphics:
- Each avatar comes with its own stunning flip animations, sounds and visual effects!
- User stats.
- Designed for both Phones and Tablets.

This game is supported by unobtrusive Ads, don’t hesitate to click on it :). All Internet related permission are a requirement of the in game ads.

Why Shijin ?

The Shijin Beasts are mythical creatures in asian culture. They are:
- Suzaku, the red Phoenix of the South, governing Fire.
- Seiryu, the green Dragon of the East, governing Nature.
- Byakko, the white Tiger of the West, governing Metal.
- Genbu, the blue Turtle-Snake of the North, governing Water.

Have fun !

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