Shoot the Apple


Shoot the Apple's review

Throw aliens and try to catch the apple

  • Fun and entertaining
  • Really addictive
  • Many levels
  • Graphics and physics
  • It can get boring after a while

"Aliens can fall in love"

In Shoot the apple, an Alien is falling in love with an apple, which hides behind the obstacles and your goal is to find it and shoot the alien at it. The rules are pretty easy: tap on wherever you want to aim and the alien will launch itself and try to get to the apple. Reaching the apple in just one shoot will make you earn more points (and stars) so try to aim carefully and not waste many aliens.

There are more than 150 levels divided into several themes (Mechanical trees, Beach fairy table, etc). Some of the worlds are locked and need to be unlocked with coins, which you will be gaining once you finish the levels successfully.

The game is incredibly entertaining, along the same lines as other popular current games. The graphics and physics are elaborated and once you try it it gets really addictive. DroidHen is the developer of Shoot the apple and other casual games such as Fishing Diary or Defender.

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