Slate Words



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From the team that brought you Gravity Words brings you yet another unique and original word game, Slate Words! The game is an original concept from the team with unique play style in every mode. Slate Words features the same vibrant attractive coloring that TS Games has become known for. The game has three modes, two single-player and one multi-player. Each mode is similar to the core game but varies in many ways!

Slate Words adds a unique function that many if not any of the other word games out there have, and that is of course, Clean Slate. This button is universally the same in Slate Words, it just requires good management and technique to get the most out of it. The button at anytime throughout the game will allow you to clear the board of the existing letters and get a brand new set!

The modes:

Time Attack:
Time attack mode much like most other games, is a time based point race. Maintain a multiplier, beat the three minute clock and score big!

In this mode, you are giving the same unique game board as in Time Attack, but you face a bigger challenge. You can only clean the board three times before it's game over!

Much like any turn based word game out there, a player spells a word and then passes the game onto the next player. Slate Words is no different in that aspect, but totally different than any other Pass & Play game. Each player has there own multiplier, as well as there own score. Each player makes a word and passes the device to the other player. Seem simple enough? Sure, but there are some catches;
1) The multiplier is capped out at four, not ten like the other modes.
2) If you misspell a word, you lose a multiplier point.
3) If you are the one who has to clear the board to make more words, you lose two multiplier points!
Be the first one to cross the point limit and win!

Slate Word Features:
- Three challenging modes.
- Facebook Connect
- Pass & Play Multiplayer
- Statistics and High scores

Slate Words is balanced, hectic, and most of all addictive!