Sleepwalker's Journey


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Interact with the environment so Moonboy doesn't wake up.

  • Awesome design.
  • Placid yet thrilling gameplay
  • Child-friendly
  • No lite or trial version available

"This lullaby will keep you awake instead"

Good night, here's Sleepwalker's Journey, an original game suited for children and grown-ups alike. You will have to help the main character to arrive to his bed on the moon without waking him up. You can't control him directly, he sleepwalks forward all the time and you have to move slides, elevators and stuff on his way so he doesn't fall. By the way, you have to collect moons and stars to set your score. If you missed a star, you can rewind, not replay, and play again. Likewise, if you are several moves ahead, you can fast forward it all and save time. It's all about solving a handful of micropuzzles against the clock.

There are three worlds fifteen stages each, and an upcoming fourth. Each world represents a dream and its oniric scenery. 11bit studios, know for hits as Anomaly Warzone Earth (and upcoming AW:Korea) and Funky Smugglers, has paid great detail to graphics, music and overall design. They are beyond loveliness, they are an exercise of know-how and a great example for developers looking forward to create games casual, non-violent and interesting for anyone at once.

We could only ask for somehow a level creator and some extra feature, perhaps minigames or whatever. Anyway, it's a great game, worthy of a dollar in exchange for no ads and no in app purchases. No matter how you look at it, we must recommend it.

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by Peter , Appszoom

Nov 19, 2012

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