Sliding Puzzle



A modern version of the classic sliding puzzle designed for adults to provide a fun way to exercise your brain. The puzzle is divided into either a 4x4 or 5x5 grid of squares that are mixed up with the bottom right square of the picture missing. The missing piece allows the puzzle pieces to be moved around one square at a time. Simply move around the squares of the picture until you have recreated the original image. Tapping the square will move it into the blank spot.

The puzzle has varying levels of difficulty. Start with the 15 puzzle pieces with hints turned on. As you improve and learn the patterns, try the puzzles without hints. Then you are ready for the 24 puzzle piece grid. Use the hints if you need them but the real challenge is to complete the pictures without them. Challenge yourself to better your times and use the least amount of moves at each difficulty level.

Included with the application are 4 images of varying difficulty that you can use for the puzzle image. If you prefer, you can use or you can use any image on your Android device for the puzzle. Personalize the puzzle by using pictures of your kids, your pet or the logo from your favorite sports team.

This puzzle is great exercise for your brain! No advertisements.

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