SlitherLink Plus



    • Outline:
    Slitherlink is a puzzle where you connect dots together while observing a set of rules; it is based on a very simple and yet deeply acute logic. Similarly to sudoku, it is the type of puzzle that requires you to think carefully at each step and hence it is ideal for brain training.
    "Slitherlink Plus" is an application that builds on its predecessor "Slitherlink". It is a much more powerful application that provides additional download functionality and a number of improved features.

    • Main Features
    - A collection of high quality puzzles
    All puzzles included in "Slitherlink Plus" have been created manually by puzzle specialists.
    They do not include sub-standard puzzles, as can often be found with computer generated puzzles, where there is more than one solution, there are too many redundant clues or you need to perform excessive trial and error.
    "Slitherlink Plus" allows you to enjoy a great variety of excellent puzzles where each one has been created with extreme care and attention; these are puzzles that can only have been hand-made.

    - Download of additional puzzle packs
    Even after you have finished solving all puzzles, you can still download additional new puzzles.
    There are currently more than 250 puzzles available for download, giving you plenty of total play time: 150 hours for beginners and more than 50 hours for intermediate players.
    We will be adding more and more puzzle packs as required.

    - Greatly improved features
    The response times of the application when drawing the lines and when scrolling the images up and down have been improved overall, making the puzzle much more pleasant to use.
    Also, new vibration functionality has been added, making it much easier to use.
    You can choose between 3 different input methods (tap, draw and flick) so that you can solve the puzzles in whichever style suits you best.

    - Help functionality to aid beginners
    For people who are playing Slitherlink for the first time, it shows an easy to understand tutorial.
    Also, it provides support functionality to allow users to check their answers as they go along, useful for particularly large or complex puzzles.

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