Smart Sudoku



Do you like Sudoku? Obsessed with number placement puzzles?
If your answer is Yes, Smart Sudoku is a must have for you.

Smart Sudoku is not only a logic number game similar to Sudoku, but also a more challenging arithmetic game.

Simple rules, easy to start.

Three difficulties: easy 3x3 normal 4x4 and hard 5x5 grid.
The larger the grid, the harder the game.
Guaranteed hours of entertaining and brain training.

The play board has many subregions, adjacent subregions are marked by different colors.
Each subregion is given a target number and an arithmetic operation. The numbers filled in the subregion has to meet the target number using the given arithmetic operation ( Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide). 2. No repeat number in either row or column.
The less time to solve the puzzle, the higher score you get.
Come on and challenge your brain power.

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