Smiley Bombs



Smiley Bombs is an addictive puzzle game. There are 25 Smiley Bombs. Based on the level, the smiley bombs are randomly fused with red cords which are linked up a white cord. The red cords burn suddenly and the white cord burns for some time. The white cord will be ignited when starting a level. Defuse the smiley bombs before the fire reaches red cords.

1. Tapping a bomb will toggle it and 4 adjutant bombs (left,top,right,bottom). ie if a bomb is fused then it will be defused. If it is defused then it will be fused.
2. Tweak your mind and tap the correct bombs in correct order to defuse all the bombs.
3. Difficulty is based on the levels. The lower levels can be completed in few taps and higher levels requires more taps and of course sharp mind.
4. The shortest time to defuse all the bombs becomes a record

Kids Mode.
There is a kids level. Open kids level by tapping Kids Icon. All 25 smiley bombs will be connected to the red fuses. One bomb will be hot and need to be defused immediately. Tap the hot bomb to defuse. After another random bomb will become hot. Continue to defuse all the bombs before fire reaches the red cords. Tapping other than hot bomb will make a sudden explosion. The shortest time will become a record.

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