Snake Slide Puzzle




    The slide puzzle has three separate pictures, each with three levels of difficulty - giving you a total of nine levels of finger-sliding fun. Arrange the tiles in the correct order to reveal the high-resolution picture. There’s only one free space you can use to shuffle tiles around, so plan your future moves carefully. It’s possible to undo all your progress just for the sake of arranging one tile to make a corner of your image. Keep track of your time and the number of moves it takes you to solve the puzzle. Can you do the same level in ten seconds less than last time? Can you do it in ten fewer moves? Race your friends or even race yourself.

    Slide puzzles are challenging and fun. They can be done while watching TV or waiting for the bus. The visual component of the puzzle challenges a different part of the brain than typical “thinking” puzzles and so slide puzzles are a great pastime while your mind is occupied with other things. Don’t get caught waiting in line at the DMV without something for your fingers to do to pass the time.

    As much as they are entertaining, doing slide puzzles in your spare time has a serious benefit too. Recent studies have shown that using your brain by doing puzzles can help stave off Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia. Puzzles have also been shown to improve both short and long-term memory in general. It’s never too early to start caring for your older mind - especially if you can have fun while doing it.