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Talk about original gameplay: Construct complex chemical factories to efficiently transform raw elements

  • Ultra original and brainy as heck
  • Genre-mashup glee
  • Comprehensive tutorial and growing complexity
  • Very difficult to play on smaller screens

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"Action and reaction"

Zachtronics' SpaceChem is super brainy, super complex, super difficult, and just plain super. You're a reactor engineer, and your goal is to set up a series of processes to transform raw elements into specific chemical products. Do it efficiently and effectively to meet quotas and outperform your peers. The puzzles are rich and complicated, including plenty that are user designed. The tutorial's enough to give you the basic idea, but you'll need to bust your brain over a couple levels before getting the hang of how to make the most out of your atom smashing. Note that the game is designed for tablets - playing on a small mobile device will likely just be frustrating, although you can feel free to try.

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Jun 09, 2014

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