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Spirits is a well-crafted puzzle game that developed an original game concept

  • Graphics
  • Soundtrack
  • Original gameplay
  • Few levels

"Free your soul, go toward the light"

Spirits are wandering the Earth not for scaring us but to find their way toward the light. However, that's a tough task: although they still have their skills, they don't know how to use them anymore. Spirits will need your ability to solve puzzles in order to guide them to the vortex and free their souls. Would you help them?

Thus, the goal is to get spirits to the vortex. Spirits have different skills: grow, dig, blow, fast-forward and collect plants. Use them to avoid obstacles, climb walls and jump spikes. In each level, there's a minimum goal of spirits that have to get the whirl. This means that you can only use the skills of some of them if you want to reach the level goal. Be efficient.

Impossible finishing this review without mentioning graphics and soundtrack: the game is challenging, right, but there's no way to get stressed since its minimalist graphics and relaxing music ensures keeping you in a good mood.

In this demo version there are up to seven levels (only three of them unlocked, the others will be unlocked when you beat the previous level). Get its full version to unlock all levels.

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