Based on the most famous block game!!
Pile up blocks, 3D style, and make lines to prevent the tower from reaching the top of the screen.

* 2 game modes :
- Survival : Stack blocks and make lines until the speed is overwhelming. The speed increase each ten lines, will you handle it?
Make the more lines possible, beat your scores!!
- Challenge : Compete against the machine! Red blocks have been laid on the tower, you have to get rid of them. There are 6 levels, will you get through all of them?

* 2 difficulty levels : Easy (shadow block hint), Normal
Expert level and Chaos level will be available in a future release
* Re-arranged original Tetris musics.
* Best scores board (full featured)
* Achievements system (full featured)
* Quick quit, with ongoing game save (press back and whoose yes, when playing).

Controls :
* Tap on screen to rotate a falling block (tap on the right side rotates the block to the right, tap on the left side rotates the block to the left)
* Scroll from left to right, or right to left to rotate the tower.
* Keep your finger pressed to make the block quickly fall.

Powered by jMonkeyEngine!!

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