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Steam Puzzle is a well-crafted matching-puzzle

  • Graphics
  • Lots of elements and achievements to unlock
  • Dozens of puzzles
  • Different game modes
  • HD optimized
  • Quest mode is chaotic

"Mysteries of the Temple"

Dr. Calgory and his assitant rat, Stimkin, has discovered and ancient temple full of dangerous mechanisms that protect its mysteries. Our dear Doc wants to unveil all of them to contribute to the scientific knowledge. Stimkin, his assistant wants to grab all the riches and run. Be ready to dozens of challenging puzzles and hilarious dialogues between different characters.

Besides the storyline, Steam Puzzle is a matching-puzzle. The purpose is to rotate clockwise groups of four elements in other to make them match. When a group of 4 elements of a kind match, it will be cleared. The goal is to reach a given score in each level. There are tenths of different elements and new ones are unveiled in each "room" of the temple.

Players advance through rooms in the campaign mode (Quest). In addition, they can play just for fun and practice "Steam Meditation" room which is a endless mode. There are up to 208 achievements to unlock in science and technology. Dr. Calgory will invent some artifacts thanks to knowledge acquired in the temple.

Graphics are really good, and that isn't common in puzzles in which what matters is playability. However, this isn't an usual puzzle game: there's storyline and a well-crafted artwork backing it. Highly recommended.

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Apr 18, 2013

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