Sudoku Brainiak Free



Solve thousands of hand-picked Sudoku puzzles
Take advantage of the helpful Auto Pencil, Hint, and Check features
Challenge yourself with 5 difficulty levels, from Very easy to Very hard
Choose from 4 colorful themes and other display options
View and set high scores via integrated Scoreloop connectivity

Product Description
Play thousands of hand-picked sudoku puzzles, even without an Internet connection, with Sudoku Brainiak. Sudoku is the logic-based, number placement game that challenges you to fill a 9x9 grid with numbers one through nine without repeating the same number in a line, row, or 3x3 sub-square.

Sudoku Brainiak is as close to solving sudoku puzzles in a book with a pencil as you can get on your Android device. Choose whether to Auto Pencil possible moves to effortlessly track possible number placement, or pencil them in manually. Select your difficulty from one of five options: Very easy, Easy, Medium, Hard, and Very hard. Watch the timer to see how long each puzzle takes you, then compare your times with friends using Sudoku Brainiak's online leaderboards through Scoreloop.

This app is also much more customizable and convenient than writing in a sudoku book. There are four unique color Themes to choose from to make gameplay as interesting and attractive as possible. You can also switch Fullscreen Mode on or off to view your puzzle with or without a status bar. You can even make the board corners sleek and rounded with the Round Corners option.

If you're a sudoku novice, use the Hint system to check your pencil notes, to fill-up the notes on the board for you, or to get a small or big hint. If you don't want a hint but would like to know if you've made any mistakes so far, use the Check system. It will check to see if you're on the way to solving a puzzle without problems.

Supports both phones and tablets (Galaxy Tab, Xoom, etc.)

Sudoku Brainiak Free is supported by ads.

This application uses contact book to find your friends playing the same game and location & internet for ads.

If you have any suggestions, bug report, etc. please contact me through the developer site or email as I cannot answer to comments.

*** If you find any puzzle that seems unsolvable please contact me at ***

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