Sudoku M&P



This is a well-known Sudoku puzzle.You can play the puzzle, and make original puzzles.
It is complete to be able to put one by one number from 1 to 9 in every rows, in every columns, and in every 3x3 blocks.

There are hints to solve on number color and squares color, which depending on the state in which the number is located.
You also can use the note function, which put small numbers on square.
Display of colors and note these can change the difficulty of the play by select the menu.

If you choose the "Edit" screen to make the problem appear.
If create problem automatically, place the number in preference to the square where you leave mark in advance .

In some cases, the solution is not in one ways, when ploblem number of set is not enough.
You can play even in this case, but to solve it seems difficult .

In addition, if it is hard to touch the square when screen is small, please try to turn on the cursor mode.
Small frame and big red frame will appear. It will be the same that was a small frame touch when you touch a big frame.
To move a small frame, please drag or flick at outside of the big frame.

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