EDIT: please note that on newer devices, elements on screen will be messed up, which might affect gameplay. I'm aware of the issue, but the game is quite old, so rather than dig in and try to fix the issue, I'm working on a new version. Stay tuned!

Summon creatures from 7 elements to battle on a chess board in this turn-based strategy game.

Choose two elements (Fire, Water, Stone, Air, Nature, Sacred, or Death), each with a unique set of summonable screatures, and battle with or against friends and computer opponents. Summon creatures to the board, move them, and use them to attack your opponents' creatures; when no opposing creatures remain, you can attack your opponents directly.

In the free version, one human player can play against up to two computer opponents.

In the full version, up to four human players can fight with up to three computer opponents, and more Campaign levels are unlocked.

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