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System Lord is a risk-like strategy game set in our solar system. Graphics in 3D and planets orbiting the sun with true relative years and days. Supports multiple simultaneous planets with one map per planet. For those new to risk gameplay, it's a turn-based strategy game with three phases for each player:
-Reinforce, where you get units based on area possession and can place them on your own areas. Bonus units for whole continents.
-Attack, attack any number of enemy territories as long as they are next to any of your areas with more than one unit.
-Fortify, Move units between your own areas.

System Lord adds three different "extras" gained when trading cards of the same kind, to be used at strategic moments to turn the tides of war. Extras are:
-Shield, used when reinforcing to make an area more resistant to attacks.
-Airstrike, used in attack phase to heavily decrease an enemy area's units.
-Transport, can be used both during attack and fortify to reach any area on any planet.

System Lord includes Single player games against one to five AI, and online games against other people and AI (only named/private games for now). No online user required, just play! Planets included are Venus, Earth, Moon and Mars.

System Lord gameplay works with two viewing modes
-"space mode", used for switching between planets and get an overview of area ownership.
-"planet mode", used for individual moves and detailed area information.

The bottom left button switches between "space mode" and "planet mode" for the selected planet. Pinch zoom is available in both modes.

NOTE, online multiplayer is not yet tested under heavy load, please have patience with any issues, they will be fixed as soon as possible.

Have fun and good luck!
Don't hesitate to mail any questions or feedback!

Planned updates:
-add mercury
-open/public games
-save/resume games
-"turn-based" games

similar war strategy game as risk, landrule, age of conquest, drisk, vengeance

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