The Tabuzz is the new addictive game of the gang!

Tabuzz is a unique word guessing game, which can be played from 2 to 4 teams and will definitely entertain you and your friends! With the most pleasing graphics, unique user interface and unmatched gameplay, Tabuzz is perfect to be the hit of the party.

The rules are simple: Describe the word, without saying the Tabuzz words! If you describe correctly the card you get your point! But, if you say one of the forbidden Tabuzz words your “buzzer” player presses “Tabuzz” and you lose a point! The first team that reaches the goal points wins the game and the fame of the party!

Just enter the world of Tabuzz ... and just say it!

* English

* 400 cards
* From 2 to 4 teams
* Unique graphics
* Incomparable Gameplay
* Timer and alert tones
* One-device game

Tabuzz is not affiliated with Hasbro or Hersch and Company's Taboo, Tabou, Tabu, Tabù, or any other variants of the Taboo products, registered trademarks.

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